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I am pleased to write this testimonial letter for Face Down Medical Equipment. I recently sustained a macula-off retinal detachment. I had reattachment surgery which was successful but was followed by a long recovery period. For the first two weeks, I needed to be face down for at least 75% of the time (that’s 18 hours per day).

It was very difficult but I knew I had to follow the Doctor’s orders if I ever wanted to see again. I even did more face down time than I was asked to do because it made me feel like I had some kind of control over the situation. The equipment that F.D.M.E. provided for me helped me tremendously. It became my new best friend. Don’t get me wrong, I hated every minute of it — but it worked.

I can see fairly well now and I’m grateful for what I CAN see and not what I can’t. I was released from being face down on 16th day after my surgery. Between the equipment helping me be face down and my dedication to following the Doctor’s orders, helped speed up my recovery.

Thank you F.D.M.E.,
— Kathy K.
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I have had the privilege of renting equipment from Face Down Medical Equipment twice now. It was unfortunate that I had to have two surgeries, however the FDME made my recovery a great deal more comfortable. It allowed me to live as normal and comforatble a life as you can with all the restrictions that come with a face down recovery.

On both occasions, Aileen exhibited passion for what she does and a caring heart. It’s evident that she is passionate about what she does. Aileen really wants to provide the best setup so patients experience an appropriate, yet comfortable and speedy recovery.

The equipment that FDME provides is comfortable and reliable. There was not much pain associated with my surgeries; it was hard to tell if I was doing anything wrong. The equipment that FDME provides ensures that you will keep your head down. It’s light and easy to transport so going anywhere isn’t a hassle.

The customer service provided by FDME is impeccable. I was able to get in touch with Aileen as soon as I left the doctor’s office. If you leave a message, she will call as soon as she is available. Aileen promptly delivered her product both times so that I could benefit from the comfort and reliability of the equipment right away. She helped set it all up and showed me how to operate it.

Aileen’s professionalism and friendly persona exhibit the kind of person you want to associate with on any occasion. I would strongly recommend anyone who needs face down medical equipment to go through Aileen Barry and FDME.
— Mark B.