The Tabletop Comfort Unit allows you to sit  at a table comfortably and relaxes your back while maintaining the face down position.  This unit is also useful for travel. 

Your Face-Down Medical Equipment (FDME) Daytime Comfort Chair is ergonomically designed to rest your back, neck, arms, and knees.  The  table in front allows you to write and read with ease. 

Face-Down Medical Equipment's TOTAL COMFORT PACKAGE  includes:

     * Daytime Comfort Chair

     * Sleep Well Unit

     * Tabletop / Travel Comfort

     * Flannel Covers

     * Easy-See Mirror 

The Sleep Well Unit includes a headrest, armrest and flannel coverings.  You will rest, repair, and heal properly. 

The Easy-See Mirror allows you to view your surroundings, watch TV, and visit with others while maintain your face-down positioning. 

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