For proper healing, many surgical procedures on the eye require a patient to remain in a face-down position for  23 hours a day, for up to three weeks following surgery.  Examples are vitrectomy, surgical repair of a detached retina, repair of a macular hole, and others.

This position can cause back and neck strain and be difficult to maintain, risking improper healing processes....That's where FDME can help!

With proper support equipment available for rent from FDME,  the strain and inconvenience is drastically reduced. and chances of healing properly are increased.  It's OUR MISSION.


We deliver, set up, and instruct right in your home in most areas in Colorado and southeast Wyoming. Call with your specific requests.  Rental price includes delivery and pickup!.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit cards for payment at the time of delivery.  Face Down Medical Equipment will provide you with information and documentation necessary to submit a claim to your insurance company at the time of pickup of the equipment  when you have completed your recovery.

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Are you having vitrectomy surgery for a detached retina or a macular hole? We DELIVER and set up face-down medical equipment in your home.  Call Us Today:  970.302.1212